6 June

Training: Ansible II

Ansible, software for orchestrating equipment remotely. Index: Review basic concepts Local basic exercise with Ansible and Docker Use of documentation Ad-Hoc Commands Playbooks Good practices Questions

16 May

Training: Ansible I

Introduction to Ansible, software for orchestrating equipment remotely.

22 June

AWS and Keedio Data Stack

At KEEDIO we want to make Big Data easy, so we have worked in some tools to help you.   On the last post of KDS, we learn how to deploy our Keedio Data Stack easily on Microsoft Azure. Today, we will deploy it on AWS. If you followed the last guide, this will sound […]

14 June

Real time data ingestion, processing and storage of syslog using Apache Nifi, Flink, Kafka and Cassandra

In this blog post we present a solution to the real time processing of syslog messages produced by several Red Hat OpenStack services. In our project, syslogs messages are being injected with varying degrees of severity and processed accordingly. We assume you already have some knowledge of what Apache NiFi, Flink and Kafka are and […]

7 June

Data Science tools – A survey: Post 3

This last post of the series focuses on mathematical and data libraries that data scientists use for their daily duties. Other resources, not linked to a specific language API, are addressed as well. At this point, we will learn from some profiles of data scientists that can be defined according to these ‘external resources’ Math […]